science of roasting

Since 1974, Rufino has been perfecting the art of coffee roasting. Rufino produces blends that, while true to the tradition of espresso employs 21st century technology to roast the perfect bean.


The finest specialty coffee beans are stringently selected from the world’s coffee producing countries, and then meticulously roasted with a unique system... where passion and precision work in harmony to create consistently, great tasting coffees. With the capability to incorporate specific profiles developed for each coffee and the precise control of roasting temperatures, the system allows for direct control of the roasting process and as a result, the overall quality of coffee.


Rufino Espresso exemplifies the essence of a rich tradition, one that
has captured the passion of generations − ensuring that each brew encompasses the intoxicating aromas and rich, complex and balanced flavours that work in harmony to achieve a cup like no other.



science of roasting

Rufino uses state-of-the-art technology to reduce its carbon footprint.
Highly sensitive process controllers ensure that no excess energy is wasted, and that the recirculating system eliminates the need for after-burners commonly used in typical roasting systems. The result is as much as a 77% reduction in CO2 emissions and fuel consumption compared to a typical roaster.